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Drain Cleaning

North Dallas Drain Cleaning

We can help solve your water flow problems by unclogging pipes, cleaning tub and shower drains and finding toilet clogs at the root of the problem. Your drainage issues may be as simple as pulling a paper towel out of your pipe or cleaning the kitchen drain to remove grease build-up.

However, some slow or blocked drains are a result of the drain being broken or the result of a belly being present in a sewer line. It is important to trust plumbers like us to do your drain cleaning so the drain can be properly repaired if needed.

We offer camera or video inspection of the sewer line so you can have the peace of mind that the line was properly cleaned and free of cracks, breaks, offsets, or bellies. If the line does appear to be in need of repair, we can give you an estimate right on the spot to fix the problem. You won’t have to keep spending time and money to rooter out your sewer multiple times a year.

plumber with gloves clearing out a drain in a home

In addition to our commitment towards excellence, Blue Star Plumbing is:

  • Locally Owned & Top Rated
  • Top of the line tools & equipment
  • Polite and punctual, experienced technicians
  • Upfront pricing & flat rate services
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