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Slab Leaks

North Dallas Slab Leak Detection and Repair

A slab leak is a leak that occurs beneath your home. Since this area is inaccessible, slab leaks can be tricky to service, and even harder to repair. Since water leaks can do serious damage in a short amount of time, it’s necessary that they’re resolved as quickly as possible.

Early detection is, of course, essential to minimizing the damage that can be caused by a slab leak. But we’ve implied already that they’re hard to find and even harder to access, so what can you do? Since slab leaks should never be left unrepaired and can lead to thousands of dollars of property damage, it’s important for you to know the signs that you may have a slab leak!

These signs could include:

  • A sudden or gradual spike in your water bills.
  • Water pooling in areas of your home where it shouldn’t.
  • Inexplicably damp carpet or warped hard wood flooring.
  • Mold or mildew development (you may only notice the smell of it, versus seeing visible mold).
  • A decrease in water pressure.
  • A hot water heater that keeps running.
  • Warm spots on the floor.
  • The sound of water running when none is.

Though slab leaks can occur with any of your underground water lines, your hot water lines are most susceptible, which is why we mentioned a running hot water heater and warm spots as two of the signs. Even if you only suspect you have a slab leak, it’s worth giving us a call.

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